Acoustic Particle Sizer - Fast Sizer 100

The fast sizer is Particle Size Measuring instrument, using acoustic attenuation spectral analysis under true sample conditions without dilution.

No assumptions about particle size distribution required.


pa fast sizer 100The Fast Sizer is an easy to use, robust, most accurate and compact particle size analyzer.Calibration standard is not required.

The software includes Excel-Spread-Sheets for evaluation and documentation of measurements, a database for archiving measuring results and a recalculation module for recalculating measured raw data.

All elements of the measuring cell are easy to clean.

The Fast Sizer features a compact design.


 General Features

Technology:              Acoustic Attenuation Spectroscopy


Sample Characteristic:

Particle concentration:   0,1 – 50 volume percent (depending on particle size range) -suspensions

Particle size range:        10 nm – 5 Micron

Sample Volume:           2 - 50 ml depending on sample specification

Cell Volume:                1 ml

Frequency Range:         1 – 100 MHz

pH Range:                    1 – 14

Temperature Range:      10 – 40° C

 Required density difference:

Particle-liquid:        More than 0.5 g/cm³

Analysis Time:       Less than 60 seconds


Standard Equipment Included in the package

  • PA Fast Sizer as described above
  • Flow-Through pump
  • Measuring cell
  • Fast Sizer software
  • Test Suspension


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