Magellan Nano Particles Analyzers

MAGELLAN is a unique nanoparticle analyzer based on a patented breakthrough technique called Laser Induced Breakdown Detection (LIBD).

Magellan measures size distribution and concentration of nanoparticle traces in water with an unmatched sensitivity and resolution.


Magellan Nano Particles AnalyzerProduct Features:


Broadest particle size range: 10 nm to 1µm

Up to 8 particle size channels

Sensitivity: down to ng/L (ppt)

Sample Concentrations: Down to 104 particles/mL

Compact and robust design: transportable and operation in lab and in the field

Various sample cell configurations: static or flow-through cell

Variable flow rate

In line and under pressure measurements (up to 60 bars)

Low maintenance-highly reliable design


Typical applications:

  Magellan particles

  • Ultrapure water monitoring for semiconductor industry
  • Membrane integrity online monitoring (fouling & breakthrough)
  • Drinking and industrial water quality insurance
  • Pollution detection of natural water resources


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