Wallis Zeta Potential Analyzer

Wallis Zeta Potential SystemThe Wallis is innovative high resolution Zeta Potential measurement instrument, for extreme measurement conditions of ultra-low concentrations (down to 1PPM), as well as dark samples.

To get the Zeta Potential in certain suspension/dispersion we measure the particles Electriphoretic Mobilty  by Laser Doppler Electrophoresis.

Special attention was given to provide simple, accurate and robust instrument with outstanding performance and very low cost of ownership.

The dip cell design, allows simple sample injection, and prevents bubbles formation.

It is compliant with standard cuvette cell for multiple analysis benchmarking.

Its design makes it fully compatible with organic solvents.

Robust: The innovative vitreous carbon electrode provides long life and stability to the electrodes that can be easily cleaned by standard process like sonication or acid-base washing.

-  10 times more resolution than usual correlation technology (down to 0.1mV in water).

-  No electro-osmosis.

-  In-field proven technology (LDE).You Tube Movie

-  New & unique electrode material for long life.

-  Easy to use measurement cuvettes.

-  Compatible with organic solvents and high-pH suspensions.

-  High quality data for accurate and repeatable zeta potential analysis and interpretation.

-  Easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) software.

Cordouan Wallis Processing Method

resolution Improvement: x10 !!


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