DLS particle size analyzers

vasco DLS  Particle Size Analyzer SystemThe VASCO™ family of DLS particle size analyzers is the outcome of collaboration with the French Petroleum Institute (IFPEN).  These systems are dedicated to the size characterization of nano-particles in complex medium without the need to dilute the sample.

Thanks to the special cell geometry setup (adjustable thin layer analysis), dark samples, as well as high concentration samples can be analyzed without dilution!

Conventional DLS is a powerful technique useful in characterizing dilute and transparent dispersions of nanoparticles. However, it becomes ineffective in dark media since the laser beam is absorbed by the sample which can induce an interfering effect. This phenomenon called "multiple scattering artifact" biases measurement results, when analyzing a concentrated samples. This phenomenon interferes with the correlation calculations and leads to underestimation of the hydrodynamic radius of particles.

The VASCO utilizes back-scattered light detection which provides higher detection efficiency for opaque sample and decreases the instrument sensitivity to multiple scattering.

Its capability to control the sample thickness limits further this artifact and strongly reduces the laser thermal effect. This allows very accurate measurements even in concentrated and dark dispersions.

Extensive software package provides multi-acquisitions, size distribution simulation, kinetic size of aggregation monitoring, features Cumulants, Contin and unique Padé-Laplace inversion algorithms.

Vasco Demonstration Movie-          Concentration range: 1PPM to 40%

-          Particle Size Range: 1nm to 6µm

-          Sample Temp control: +15 to +90°C

-          Laser Power:658 nm/65mW (user settable)

-          Sample volume: 50µL-5ml

-          21CFR11 compliant  


Pigments: inks, toners, paints, varnishes

Petrochemical: fuel, crude oils, bitumen additives

Chemicals: polymers, dispersants, pesticides

Pharmaceutical: suspensions, powders, syrups, injectable, microcapsules

Cosmetic: perfumes, creams, emulsions

Environmental: tap water, waste water, flocculation, membrane filtration.

Food Industry: milk, chocolate, coffee, beer, emulsions

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