Zeta Potential Analyzer - Field ESA

Field ESA Zeta Potential Analyser is made for Research, Quality Control, Production Optimization Fast and easy characterization of high concentrated and even viscous suspensions!

 field esa

The Field ESA measures Zeta Potential directly, under true sample conditions, without dilution.

 The instrument features a compact and portable design and versatile probes.

Field ESA can alternatively run without PC for data logging over a period of time up to 2 days with internal battery. This feature makes the system suitable also for use in industrial environment.

The Field ESA is based on the electroacoustic principle . An oscillating electric field is applied to a collection of fine particles in a dispersion. The field exerts a force on the particles which is proportional to the effective particle charges. When the particles move in one direction the displaced fluid moves in the opposite direction. If the particles have a density difference from that of the fluid there will be a net
momentum transfer in the direction of the applied electric field. The momentum transfer at the electrode/dispersion interface results in a sound wave which is then detected by an acoustic transducer behind the electrode. The generated sound wave is at the same frequency as the applied electric field. The measured amplitude of the sound wave is simply connected to the colloid particle mobility and hence to the zeta  potential.

Features and Benefits

  • Measurements at concentrations from 1-60 vol%
  • Applicable for coloured samples (pigments, CNT)
  • Automatic titration offers rapid and unattented isoelectric point determination (IEP)
  • Sample sedimentation is eliminated by pumping or stirring
  • Measurements of small volumes possible (in special cases down to 5 ml)
  • Simultaneous measurement of pH, conductivity and temperature
  • Recalculation module for retroactive processing of measured raw data, even with high ionic concentration (up to 20 mS/cm)
  • „Non – aqueous mode“ for measurement of non-aqueous samples
  • Surface potential measurement (for solid samples)
  • Rapid cycle times (kinetic option 1s)
  • Versatile and rugged dip in and flow through probes

The Field ESA Zeta Potential analyzer enables accurate analysis and is easy to use !

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