Particles Characterization

Particles Characterization Products Line

We offer Both Cordouan Technologies SAS Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) for Particle Size Analyzing systems and Partikel Analytik (PA) Messgeräte GmbH using Acoustic Absorbtion Spectral Analysis for particles Size characterization. Both technologies enable the measurement of suspensions/emulsions under true sample conditions, without dilution, in high concentrations. 

Cordouan Technologies Using Laser Doppler Electrophoresis (LDE) and PA using Electrokinetic Sonic Amplitude (ESA), both for Zeta Potential analysis including measurement of the mobility, conductivity, and the temperature of a suspensions.


 Wallis Zeta Potential System

Wallis Zeta Potential Analyzer System

Magellan Nano Particles Analyzer

Magellan Nano Particles Analyzer

Vasco Particles Size Analyzer System 

Vasco Particle Size Analyzer

Vasco KinVasco Kin


Vasco Flex for Products

Vasco Flex Particle Size Analyzer

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