Microelectromechanical Testing & Assembly

Microelectromechanical Testing & Assembly

We offer the FemtoTools AG State-of the art Microelectromechanical Testing and Assembly systems.

FemtoTools is a Swiss high-tech company that offers award-winning, ultra high-precision instruments for mechanical testing and robotic handling in the micro- and nanodomains. This new generation of instruments meets the challenging requirements of semiconductor technology, microsystem development, materials science, micromedicine and biotechnology. FemtoTools’ microrobotic handling and measurement instruments feature highly sensitive microforce sensing probes and force sensing microgrippers that are the result of a specially developed microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-based manufacturing process. The unmatched sensitivity and accuracy of our innovative systems redefines the standards for true quantitative investigations in the micro- and nanodomains.



Micromechanical Testing & Assembly system


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