MFP-3D™ Infinity

The Asylum Research MFP-3D Infinity™ is the latest and most advanced AFM in the MFP-3D family. It combines the renowned versatility of its predecessor with new higher performance, powerful new capabilities, and a new system architecture designed for future expansion. The MFP-3D Infinity will make your routine imaging tasks even easier and faster to complete while also supporting your most ambitious research projects.

The MFP-3D Infinity Is Everything That A Great Research AFM Should BeAtomic Lattice Resolution of Calcite

  • The flagship of the MFP-3D AFM family
  • Stunning high performance for a large sample AFM
  • Options and flexibility to turn your ideas into results
  • Simple to use without sacrificing capability
  • Support that our users routinely cite as best in the AFM industry

The MFP-3D Infinity has evolved extensively from the MFP-3D Classic design, featuring major improvements to both hardware and software as follows:


  • GetStarted™ - Automatically determine optimal imaging parameters for rapid, simple tapping mode imaging.
  • Fast Force Mapping - Accurate, reliable force mapping from the force spectroscopy leader


  • High-speed, low-noise electronics first designed for our Cypher™ AFMs
  • Flexible signal switching and programmable logic enable future expansion options
  • Performance is optimized by keeping the most critical electronics close to the AFM


  • Head
    • Sub-atomic Z sensor noise for accurate topography at any scale, <35pm noise
    • Higher Z bandwidth for improved force control and faster imaging
    • Higher deflection bandwidth enables bimodal techniques at resonances up to 7MHz
    • Lightweight aluminum design is easy to handle
  • Scanner

                Lower X&Y sensor noise for higher resolution closed-loop imaging, <150pm noise

  • Base

                Redesigned optics provide higher resolution in both top and bottom-view options

 System Integration

  • Acoustic Enclosure
    • Engineered for performance and superior ergonomics
    • Integrated accessory expansion module bay reduces clutter and costs

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MFP-3D-Infinity AFM