Cypher ES AFM

CypherTM ES AFM - For Full Environmental Control


Cypher is the first commercial AFM to take advantage of the high bandwidth and low noise performance of smaller cantilevers, and is the only commercial AFM to routinely resolve atomic point defects and the DNA helix. Now, Asylum Research introduces the Cypher ES, which adds full environmental control to the Cypher family. The heart of the Cypher ES is based around a cell constructed of inert materials, such as fused silica and FFKM, to enclose and control the sample environment. The modular design allows customization for measurements in nearly any environment.

 With the Cypher ES you can run measurements in any environment:


 The blueDrive Photothermal Excitation option makes tapping mode imaging simpler, more stable, and more quantitative. blueDrive produces an almost ideal cantilever response by directly exciting the cantilever photothermally. This provides significant ease of use and performance benefits for imaging topography, mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties in air and liquids.



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