alpha300 A

High-Performance User-Friendly AFM for Materials Research, Life Sciences and Nanotechnology.

The alpha300 A integrates an AFM system with a scientific grade optical microscope for superior optical access and high-resolution sample survey. The inclusion of a special AFM objective allows simultaneous cantilever and sample observation, which provides precise cantilever positioning and rapid alignment. The user-friendliness and versatility of this composite system can benefit an enormous variety of scientific endeavors.

All standard AFM modes are supported, assuring the highest flexibility throughout the full range of AFM applications. Whether you work in air or liquid environments, or even with delicate and soft samples, the alpha300 A is ideally suited to the investigation of topographic structures at the highest resolution. For high-performance materials research imaging tasks, the alpha300 can be equipped with the Pulsed Force Mode, allowing local surface properties such as local adhesion or stiffness to be imaged along with topography on the nanometer scale.

sbs-pmma Polymer Bland - Topography 


sbs-pmma Polymer Bland - Stiffnes 


sbs-pmma Polymer Bland - Adhesion 


An extremely linear capacitive feedback-controlled scan stage, also featuring the dynamic position error correction TrueScanTM, accommodates large samples and provides exceptional accuracy over the entire scan range.

Equipping the alpha300 A with confocal Raman imaging capabilities allows the topography information and chemical information on the sub-micron scale to be linked for a more comprehensive understanding of your sample.


Combined Raman-AFM


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