MFP-3D™ Classic AFM


MFP-3D™ classic AFM is the Widest Range of AFM/SPM Capabilities Available Today

Conductive Bacterial NanowiresThe MFP-3D-Classic is ideal for many applications including physics, material science, polymers, chemistry, nanolithography, bioscience, and quantitative nanoscale measurements.

Choose from three configurations for illuminating and viewing your sample:Top view for opaque samples, Bottom view for transparent samples, Dual view for both viewing options.

The MFP-3D uses a flexured scanner and patented NPS sensors which measure the exact position of each axis (X-Y). They correct for hysteresis and creep, providing flat scans and the ability to accurately zoom and offset with one mouse click.

The MFP-3D Advantages:

  • Sensored, closed loop positioning for high resolution imaging, accuracy, and reproducibility.
  • Pioneering all-digital controller for open software adaptability, power and flexibility.
  • Built-in advanced features such as real-time 3D rendering, nanolithography/nanomanipulation, and Dual AC™ Mode for dual resonance and harmonic imaging.
  • Designed for flexibility and expandability, with a wide range of available system, environmental and application options to enhance capabilities, including nanoindentation

MFP-3D-Classic AFM


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