Arago Refractive Index Measurement System

Arago Refractometer System for Liquid Measurements

The ARAGO Refractometer is dedicated to fluid refractive index measurements.

The refractive index is the ratio between the speed of light radiation in a vacuum and its speed in the sample medium. It depends on several parameters, in particular the temperature and the sample composition. The measurement of the refractive index is in general used in industrial process control to determine the concentration of diluted elements in suspensions such as the rate of sugar, alcohol, minerals salt, etc.

The strengths of our refractometer are :

-  The widest range of refractive index measurement in the market: from 1 up to 4 nD 

-  Measurement in extreme media (dark and concentrated).

-  No sample preparation (filtration, dilution).

-  Sample cell easy to use (easy to clean, insensitive to bubbles, etc.).

-  Very simple technology (no CCD sensor) successfully tested for petro chemistry applications.

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