3D Nano-Lithography System

NanoFrazor1The SwissLitho AG NanoFrazor is a unique tool for rapid-prototyping of nanostructures and nanodevices. It has been developed for researchers, who want to have easy and quick access to high-resolution nanometer sized geometries of almost any arbitrary kind. 3D nanopatterns can be fabricated in a single step and with unmatched precision. The closed-loop lithography (CLL) concept of this technology makes the patterning procedure extremely robust. The simultaneous inspection of the written nanostructures allows immediate quality control and feedback about the process. The `usual’ wet development step and subsequent imaging is no longer necessary. This reduces the total fabrication time dramatically compared to other nanolithography techniques. In contrast to e-beam lithography, the NanoFrazor does not need vacuum or high voltages. The processes and calibrations of the machine are fully automated, which makes the NanoFrazor very simple to use even for non-experts.

The patterning principle of the NanoFrazor technology is based on thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (tSPL). The core of the technology is a sharp tip which is situated on a flexible silicon cantilever. The tip is heated by an integrated microheater. The basic idea is to use the hot probe tip to locally heat an organic resist which instantly decomposes into volatile units. The volatile units evaporate and leave a void of nanometer dimensions. By placing such voids, adjacent one to another, arbitrary shapes can be carved out from the resist.

Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography Principal

3D Nanopatterning is achieved by the actuation mechanism of the cantilevers which enables an extremely precise control over the vertical movement of the tip. At the same time, the evaporation process of the resist is extremely fast and efficient.

The NanoFrazor is a Novel and unique tool for rapid-lithography of 3D nanostructures and nanodevices.

 12 03 Photonic Crystal Waveguide

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