Nano Instruments has started to sell Electron Microscopes (EM) labs accessories

EM AccessoriesAs part of NanoAndMore GmbH growth and in addition to their AFM probes & Accessories sales, they have decided to add a new complementary products line of EM lab accessories which will include: stabs, conductive and non-conductive adhesives and tapes, disks, tweezers & grippers, sample grids and meshes, Calibration gratings and more.

As their exclusive distributor in Israel, we will be able to sell to you from now these products.

To look for the available products please review NanoAndMore Catalog.

For quotation or further questions please contact us.

New line of AFM tips – OPUS™

Nano Instruments announces the introduction of a new line of AFM tips – OPUS™ by MikroMasch® in Israel

Opus AFM ProbesOpus AFM ProbeThe key feature of OPUS™ is AFM tip Opus visibility: OPUS™ AFM tips are positioned exactly at the end of each cantilever at an angle of 90 degrees, which enables a precise tip positioning on the sample to be measured.

OPUS™ tips are available on all standard cantilever types for all commonly used AFM applications, including high speed scanning. OPUS™ AFM probes also offer all major coatings that are being used in AFM.

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WITec’s RISE Microscope wins prestigious Prism Award 2015

WITec and Tescan have been recognized with a 2015 Photonics Prism Award. An expert jury named the correlative RISE microscope as winner in the metrology category. The Prism Award is given for top innovations in the field of photonics, granted by Photonics Media and sponsored by the international Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE.). The winners were chosen from more than 130 applicants.

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SwissLitho AG Appoints Nano Instruments as their Distributor in Israel

 SwissLitho, a manufacturer of 3D nano-lithography technology, termed NanoFrazor, has appointed Nano Instruments Ltd. as its exclusive distributor in Israel. The NanoFrazor is a unique tool for rapid-prototyping of nanostructures and nanodevices. It has been developed for researchers, who want to have easy and quick access to high-resolution nanometer sized geometries of almost any arbitrary kind. 3D nanopatterns can be fabricated in a single step and with unmatched precision. The closed-loop lithography (CLL) concept of this technology makes the patterning procedure extremely robust. The simultaneous inspection of the written nanostructures allows immediate quality control and feedback about the process. The `usual’ wet development step and subsequent imaging is no longer necessary. This reduces the total fabrication time dramatically compared to other nanolithography techniques. In contrast to e-beam lithography, the NanoFrazor does not need vacuum or high voltages. The processes and calibrations of the machine are fully automated, which makes the NanoFrazor very simple to use even for non-experts.

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