AXON - Synchronicity™ Software Module


Protochips has announced the launch of new revolutionary TEM operation platform - the AXON.

This platform enables to Lock your sample, TEM and imaging detectors together, synchronizing system parameters and data, so you can focus on the region of interest during any in situ measurement or during any column stabilization process (due to holder insertion or accelerating voltage change). 

  • AXON Prioritize the most important parameters (magnification, ramp rate, etc.). Let the system automatically control the experiment to deliver optimal results.
  • AXON Connect and synchronize ALL experiment data in real time. More complete data sets yield faster, better results.
  • AXON Focus on your sample and not the TEM controls. Never miss a moment as you change temperature, liquid, or a gas environment even at extreme magnifications.

AXON is Compatible with the major TEM manufacturers and cameras.
Based on patent pending technology.



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