New line of AFM tips – OPUS™

Nano Instruments announces the introduction of a new line of AFM tips – OPUS™ by MikroMasch® in Israel

Opus AFM ProbesOpus AFM ProbeThe key feature of OPUS™ is AFM tip Opus visibility: OPUS™ AFM tips are positioned exactly at the end of each cantilever at an angle of 90 degrees, which enables a precise tip positioning on the sample to be measured.

OPUS™ tips are available on all standard cantilever types for all commonly used AFM applications, including high speed scanning. OPUS™ AFM probes also offer all major coatings that are being used in AFM.

Other important features of OPUS™ AFM probes are:
• Tip radius smaller than 7 nm
• High Q-factor and smooth resonance curves
• Excellent cost/performance ratio

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