FemtoTools Appoints Nano Instruments as their Distributor in Israel

Femtotools AG, a manufacturer of Electro & Micromechanical testing technology, have appointed Nano Instruments Ltd. as its exclusive distributor in Israel. FemtoTools products line include 2 main systems: MEMS probestation and Micromechanical Testing & Assembly System.

Both systems can perform highly accurate probe-based force-position-time measurements, which enable a large number of testing modes. Typical modes include:

  • Compression/tensile testing
  • Adhesion force testing
  • Actuation force testing
  • Deflection range testing
  • Distance and topography measurements

However, The MEMS Probestation is a wafer-level MEMS testing instrument that allows for the fast, user-friendly and simultaneous testing of mechanical, electrical and geometrical properties on MEMS chips.

“The Nano Instruments founder can look back on more than 14 years of experience in sales and support of advanced analytical and fabrication instrumentation and will be an excellent point of contact for potential customers in Israel” says Dr. Felix Beyeler, FemtoTools CEO. “With well-established network in the Israeli scientific community and expertise of many scientific instruments sales, he has the perfect background for marketing our products in Israel.”


About Nano Instruments Ltd.

Nano Instruments Ltd. represents exclusively global vendors of advanced technological equipment. Nano Instruments aims to become the vendor of choice for Scientific, production, FA and R&D equipment as well as their customers preferred consulting and service-provider Company.

Nano Instruments strives to provide their customers with creative technological solutions effectively and promptly.

Nano Instruments was founded by Gil Amzalag, specializes in importing, marketing and servicing scientific instruments, R&D, failure analysis and production systems.


Nano Instruments Ltd.

11 Duchifat St.

Bat Hefer 4284200


Phone:  +972-9-8804022

Fax:      +972-9-8804033

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Internet: http://www.nanoi.co.il

About FemtoTools AG

FemtoTools AG is a Swiss high-tech company that offers award-winning, ultra high-precision instruments for mechanical testing and robotic handling in the micro- and nanodomains. This new generation of instruments meets the challenging requirements of semiconductor technology, microsystem development, materials science, micromedicine and biotechnology.

FemtoTools’ microrobotic handling and measurement instruments feature highly sensitive microforce sensing probes and force sensing microgrippers that are the result of a specially developed microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-based manufacturing process. The unmatched sensitivity and accuracy of our innovative systems redefines the standards for true quantitative investigations in the micro- and nanodomains.


FemtoTools AG

Furtbachstrasse 4

8107 Buchs/ZH


Phone:   +41 44 844 44 25

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Internet: http://www.femtotools.com





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