AXON - Studio™ Software Module

Protochips has added another completely new software, the AXON - Studio™ which will be available for free download within the next weeks:

AXON Studio™ is a breakthrough platform that not only allows you to quickly and intelligently search entire datasets, but also provides unique and powerful analysis tools in a very modern and easy-to-use interface. Isolate a specific video clip tagged in AXON, then export high-quality video quickly and intuitively. AXON Studio™ allows you to combine data on a specific sample from different TEMs and then filter all data for a specific parameter (e.g. temperature) quickly and easily. Designed with a modern database structure built on images and metadata, extremely large data sets are cleaned, filtered, sorted and published quickly and easily. In addition, AXON Studio™ will intelligently optimize data storage to minimize dataset size by removing efficiently all unwanted or unnecessary data.